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News Premiere: "Moodie Black's Lucas Acid Brings an Aggressive Edge to Trans Identity" hosted an exclusive full-album stream of 'Lucas Acid' ahead of the release date as well as an interview with Kdeath of Moodie Black. Read the premiere article & interview here: https...

"Moodie Black's Noise-Rap Witchcraft" featured on Bandcamp Daily!

Bandcamp did an in-depth interview with Moodie Black ahead of the 'Lucas Acid' album release on Fake Four Inc. this April. Read the feature piece here:

Kristoff Krane Kairos Part Two Album + AL7ONE Single Announcement via HipHopDX!

Kristoff Krane announced his upcoming full-length album, Kairos Part Two, via HipHopDX with a single "AL7ONE" and a holotropic video. Kairos Part Two will be released March 2nd, 2018 on Fake Four Inc...