Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves

The esteemed underground rapper Mestizo has teamed up with The Heavy Twelves, a Los Angeles based electro-psych-beat duo formed by Egadz, for an extremely rare, limited picture disc vinyl & digital release entitled 'Big Bad Death.' 

Mestizo shines brightest in the shadows. His webs of words - woven with otherworldly precision - writhe with hardship's wisdom and power in triumph. The nomadic veteran of the underground, though modest, has a bountiful history of influence in art and prolificity in its creation. With his psychic osmosis of the many cultures and experiences in which he had thrived, Mestizo has proven himself an honest and unique interpreter of the world in which we live.  

At the helm of Big Bad Death's production, The Heavy Twelves include a wide array of synthesized sounds and prominent percussion with intricately recorded drum patterns. They obsess over pushing and pulling, and turning and tuning knobs until each and every sound conforms to the aesthetic. The music is full of heavy synth bass, catchy melodies, and interesting noise, but always sounds like a train that could run off the tracks at any second...and in certain ways, it always does.