Street Date: 
Tuesday, January 25, 2011


  1. Michael Admires You (f. Sapient)
  2. The O.O.
  3. All To Herself (f. Reva DeVito)
  4. The Getaway Car
  5. That Good (f. Sapient)
  6. Way Out (f. Maggie Morrison)
  7. Best Of All Time
  8. Electric Dreams (f. Thaddeus of SOTA & Tilson)
  9. Limbo Thus Purgatory (f. Xperience)
  10. Daughters
  11. Hold Up
  12. Nightlife (f. Candidt)
  13. N.W. A List (f. PeeGee 13, Candidt, & IAME of Sandpeople)
  14. Hold On For Dear Life
  15. Blend In
  16. I Give Up
  17. Fake Four

Hold On For Dear Life


Onry Ozzborn has been one of the key voices of Seattle Hip Hop over the last decade. Perhaps best known as one half of Rhymesayers Entertainment duo Grayskul and more recently for being the vocalist of Fake Four psych-pop-hoppers Dark Time Sunshine. Over the years Onry has collaborated and toured with everyone from Atmosphere and Eyedea to Aesop Rock and Cage.

With his latest (and supposedly final) solo release "Hold On For Dear Life" Fake Four presents a hard hitting yet curiously poppy album of diverse beats and unique thoughts from a truly original voice in hip hop.