Street Date: 
Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  1. Bengough Station
  2. Missed The Train (feat. Gregory Pepper)
  3. Aint Nothin Gonna Change (feat. Barfly, Heresy Mae)
  4. Every Morning (feat. Cars & Trains)
  5. Living In A Vacuum (feat. Sole, Radical Face)
  6. Blown Away
  7. Oh Oh Andy (feat. Nomad)
  8. More Than Love (feat. Kirby Dominant)
  9. Mental Illness (feat. 2Mex)
  10. PopStravaganza (feat. Josh Martinez)
  11. They Dont Know (feat. Pigeon John)
  12. Thats How I Feel About It (feat. Myka 9)
  13. Stoned As You
  14. The Fall Of Captain EO (feat. Ceschi)
  15. Went Away (feat. Moka Only)
  16. Not What They Seem
  17. Battle Scars (feat. Def3)
  18. Lawson Graham

Lawson Graham


Canadian producer Factor has been crafting top notch hip hop beats over the last 10 years for a who’s who list of independent hip hop artists including Awol One, Myka 9, Moka Only, Busdriver, Pigeon John, Sole, Aesop Rock – even Xzibit. On his latest solo album, Lawson Graham, Factor puts together a musical ode to his grandfather (who graces the cover) with some of the most melodic and exposed songs of his career. While this album does not escape Factor’s signature crackling, heavy drums and melodic psychedelic samples, Lawson Graham delves even further into an indie pop and folk realm.

Lawson Graham is Factor’s official followup to 2008’s Chandelier – a record that received praise for its beautifully constructed melodic psychedelic hip hop beats and its impressive cast of accompanying emcees. His latest record on Fake Four is an incredibly well executed indie pop and folk driven hip hop release featuring vocal performances from many Fake Four label mates including Gregory Pepper, Sole, Radical Face, Myka 9, Moka Only, Cars & Trains, Ceschi along with Pigeon John, Josh Martinez, 2Mex and many others!