Street Date: 
Tuesday, March 23, 2010


  1. Check It Out
  2. Diner
  3. Confused Nougat
  4. Glad
  5. Whipple Tree
  6. Prairie Wind
  7. Wondrous
  8. I Only Know
  9. Cheese Toast Feast
  10. Goes To JP
  11. Hop Scotch
  12. Shoe Box (feat. Def 3)



Who is Ron Contour? Is he Moka Only, a mainstay of the Canadian hip-hop scene? Is he even Canadian? We can’t be entirely sure, but what we do know is that Ron enjoys some of the finer things in life (food, women, vintage clothing) and his latest and greatest collaboration with producer Factor is the perfect introduction to his world of debauchery and snacking. Ron Contour, teaming up with Saskatoon-based producer Factor, deliver Saffron, an eccentric but devilishly satisfying record that presents a relaxed and vibey record that is impossible not to indulge in.