Street Date: 
Tuesday, April 20, 2010


  1. Vessel (feat. Ceschi)
  2. Now They Know (feat. Toni Hill)
  3. E.R. (feat. Maggie Morrison Of Digitata & Lookbook
  4. Run
  5. Return Of The Agenda (feat. Ninjaface)
  6. Defender (feat. Reva Devito)
  7. Great Dane
  8. Primor (feat. P.O.S., Peegee 13, DJ Zone & Aesop Rock)
  9. All Aboard (feat. Reva Devito)
  10. The Sleestack Payback
  11. Hands Up High (feat. Champagne Champagne)
  12. Instructions To Numb (feat. Solillaquists Of Sound, Xperience & Qwel)
  13. Little Or No Concern
  14. View Items 2 (feat. Nyqwil)
  15. Just An Old Flame (feat. Kaitlin Leathers)
  16. No Eye Contact (feat. Poeina Saddarth & DJ Swagg)



Seattle mainstay Onry Ozzborn has spent the last five years on Rhymesayers Entertainment putting out underground hip-hop classics such as Grayskul’s Bloody Radio, touring and collaborating with everyone from Aesop Rock to Atmosphere. Now, he has started a new group with Chicago producer Zavala called Dark Time Sunshine. Some say the collaboration sounds like a “Psychedelic Gang Starr” others refer to the “slight bit of Company Flow twirling in the waters beneath them” - whatever it may be - it’s some of the most exciting new hip-hop to hit ears in a long time. Under the new pseudonym of Cape Cowen, Onry spits abstract anthems while Zavala’s boom-bap psych-rock production swirls, twists and bangs beneath.