Out.com Premiere: "Moodie Black's Lucas Acid Brings an Aggressive Edge to Trans Identity"

Out.com hosted an exclusive full-album stream of 'Lucas Acid' ahead of the release date as well as an interview with Kdeath of Moodie Black. Read the premiere article & interview here: https://www.out.com/out-exclusives/2018/4/05/moodie-blacks-lucas-acid-brings-aggressive-edge-trans-identity

"Once a disconnect began growing between them and their music, Chris Martinez (aka Kdeath) knew it was time to take the plunge and come out publicly as a transgender woman. The 32-year-old lead singer of the Minneapolis-based noise rap group Moodie Black had already spelled it out on a track from their 2014 album, Nausea, but on their new album, Lucas Acid (Four Fake Inc.), Martinez finally merges the personal and creative aspects of their life. The resulting effort shares provocative, honest commentary on what it’s like to be a trans person of color in today’s political climate coupled with the daunting task of facing down the misogyny in rap’s corner of the music industry." - Out.com

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